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Facials Specialized for Seniors

Did you know that a sense of touch can have profound effects on a person's physical, emotional, and mental well-being? In addition to hydrating and rejuvenating aging skin, facial treatments with massage can stimulate the release of endorphins to help alleviate pain and create a sense of calmness.


Angelic Touch provides mobile facial services to seniors using gentle products tailored to their skin's unique needs. Select from a Senior Signature Facial or a Senior BEMER Therapy Facial, specifically tailored for aging skin.

Senior Signature Facial

60 mins - $95, 30 mins - $50

Includes intensive neck & décolleté treatment and intensive eye treatment and moisturizing hand treatment

Senior BEMER Therapy Facial

60 mins - $140, 30 mins - $70

BEMER Sessions

(8 mins $15) - (20 mins $25)

Facials Make the Perfect Gift for Senior Loved Ones (& Caregivers!)

Regularly scheduled facials are most impactful, as they improve socialization and a chance to relax.

Book a Spa Party at Your Home or Senior Community

Book a spa party at your home, retirement living community, care home, or private residence and receive group pricing. I can also work with senior retirement communities to make spa services more accessible for seniors.

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